VentusAR is a professional tool that shows what a rural planning application will look like, before it is built.

Used by developers, landscape architects, public engagement specialists and local authorities, VentusAR provides an accurate and low cost means of producing dynamic visualisations of projects – including, Onshore Wind, Solar, Grid, Buildings and specialised developments requiring customised models.

ipad Screen haybales map cumulativewireline dumglass George_Landscape

There are two ways you can use VentusAR to see what your project or development will look like before it’s built. 

Professional Software

VentusAR is a professional mobile application that creates instant, dynamic visualisations of rural planning developments. It improves engagement by increasing access, relevance and understanding.

  • Onsite & offsite assessment of wind, solar, grid and buildings
  • Inform site design and reduces costs of viewpoint selection
  • Create SNH compliant output to be shared across the project

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On-demand Services

We provide VentusAR for Hire –  a consultancy service to capture and demonstrate visualisations for planning submissions and public & community engagement. Our services include the following:

  • Site and viewpoint visits to capture visuals and wirelines
  • Video montage production for route assessment
  • Staff and hardware supplied for public engagement meetings

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