“We have primarily been using VentusAR to aid our feasibility work, the software allows for the quick production of visuals while on site and these can be used to inform site design and viewpoint  selection going forward. The solar domain has allowed us to produce visualisations from a single platform, instead of combining a number of graphics packages, significantly reducing the time taken to get the end product. The quality of the model has improved significantly following input from GCR and fast follow up from the Linknode Team” Rob Collin, Green Cat Renewables

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“VentusAR helps the LDA Design team to deliver faster, better and more cost effective advice about wind farm design and visual impacts. Being able to ‘see’ a scheme from any location aids our feasibility studies. It has been particularly well-received as an aid to viewpoint agreement with consultees and as a means of showing residents the potential view from their homes. These are aspects of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment that can be difficult using conventional visualisations due to cost and offsite preparation time. The ease of use and immediacy of VentusAR wins trust from those being consulted, enabling easier and more positive
discussion.”  Mary Fisher, LDA Design

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“The VentusAR visualisations provided gave members of the public great quality and interactive viewpoints – the instant visuals from any given postcode were particularly well received. Neither the show reel nor the instant visuals required internet connection and having David on hand to instantly respond to residents’ queries was helpful. Would highly recommend and can see the benefit for future site visits in the field.”
Lizzie Foot, Hoolan Energy

See our Customer Case Study on Hoolan Energy here

“VentusAR has proved to be very successful at public exhibitions. The general public are very enthusiastic and positive about having the ability to have quick and detailed visualisations. So far all our feedback about the software has been positive.” Chris Whitehead, Facilitating Change

“The team at VentusAR have shown real commitment to work with their customers to develop a compact yet innovative resource in wind farm development.” Steve Hunter, EDF

“It is a brilliant and useful piece of kit. We have used it on a number of projects to indicate visibility from a range of viewpoints. We will be using it as part of our consultations to help members of the public visualise our solar parks. It has also helped in our design process, letting us recognise and minimise visual effects”  Ben Checkley, Good Energy