VentusAR is provided as a complete package including the hardware, app and data management and administrators portal.

Please view our on-demand services pricing model if you would prefer to hire rather than buy!

Whether a single-site developer, consultant working on several projects, or a national authority needing to understand impact for the environment and citizens, VentusAR has a model for you.

  • Lite: Our low-cost introductory model provides limited access to the full model library on all domains except Grid. The per-project pricing model allows you to attribute costs to your clients.
  • Pro: Our entry-level professional developer edition comes with everything for the small/medium developer or consultant. With capacity for multiple projects, alternative layouts and cumulative assessment included. VentusAR Pro is licensed under either a classic software and annual support model, or as a cost-efficient core and on-going monthly subscription.
  • Enterprise: VentusAR for Enterprise provides organisations with cost-efficient management of multiple users and devices. With up-to 20 projects per device and unlimited layout versions the scope to be creative and productive is fully supported by the application.

The Initial Core is needed for VentusAR, this includes hardware plus the software application license. It also covers admin portal access, first project set-up, full training, documentation and support for the initial period. All updates for the license period are covered and data management in the VentusAR secure cloud (Azure). Core Domains are the industries that VentusAR projects are configured for, the Initial Core is set-up as one (or two for Reviewer and Enterprise) from Wind, Solar, Grid or Buildings.

Renewal covers extensions to the Initial Core (and additional Core Domains) for a period of time and includes ongoing support, portal access, data storage and management and licence to use the software. Images and PDF output created with VentusAR may be used indefinitely and are not restricted by license.

The optional In-Field Kit has been researched by Linknode and provides the optimum equipment for site visits. This includes a ruggedized case (by Peli), tripod and tablet mountings, a stylus and marine-specification sighting compass.

Pricing Table

Cost (£ GBP)


Pro Subscription

Pro Edition


Initial Core (see above)
£1500 £2250 £5950 £15000
Tablets Included
1 Device 1 Device 1 Devices 5 Devices
Initial Period
3 Month minimum 6 Month minimum 12 Months 12 Months
Renewal Terms
(see above)
£100 project setup
£50 per month for
term of project*
£300 per Month
/ per Device
24% of Core
Per Device, Per Year
10% of Core
Per Device, Per Year
Core Domains (see above)
All except Grid ** 1 1 2
Additional Tablet
£1250 £1250 £1700 £1700
Additional Core Domains
Call for more info £1500 £1500 £1500


Number of Concurrent Project Sites
1 Initial 10 (per Device) 10 (per Device) 20 (per Device)
Layouts Per Project
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Access to Unlimited Concurrent Project Sites  N/A  £125 per Month  £1500  £1500


Library of Wind, Solar, Grid
and Buildings 3D Models
tick (Except Grid) tick tick tick
National DTM Access
(OSGB Terrain 50)
tick tick tick tick
Loading Other DTMs (User Licensed / Supplied)
£25/Month Hosting
(up to 1×106 points)
£25/Month Hosting
£25/Month Hosting
(up to 1×106 points)
£25/Month Hosting
(up to 1×106 points)
National Base Mapping Access
(OSGB VectorMap District)
tick tick tick tick
GIS Import (Locations)
tick tick tick tick
Use Additional 3D Models
tick tick tick tick


Web-Based Administration
tick tick tick tick
My View Visualisation
tick tick tick tick
Fly Through Visualisation
tick tick tick tick
Capture and Share (Gallery)
tick tick tick tick
In-Field Editing **
tick tick tick tick
Sun Simulation
tick tick tick tick
Cumulative Impact **
tick tick tick tick
SNH Compliance
tick tick tick tick
Integration with SLR Images
tick tick tick tick
*VentusAR Renewal Terms and Conditions:
Each additional project £100 + VAT per project setup and £50 + VAT per month for term of project.
Maximum 7 wind turbines, 500 solar panels, 300 buildings per project.

For Projects with upwards of 8 Wind Turbines, 501 Solar Panels, 301 – 500 Buildings per project
£200 +VAT Set Up per project setup and £100 +VAT per month for term of project.

** Restricted Usage Terms Apply.

*** Modules may require additional license

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your projects and supply our software, hardware and expertise for your visualisation and engagement needs.