Access to VentusAR is very simple.

  1. We supply you with a fully-working application on one of our hardware-verified mobile tablets.
  2. A secure login to the VentusAR portal is supplied to your users, to enable you to set up your projects yourself, and upload to the tablet.
  3. We’ll train you how to use it all.
  4. We offer support services and will be on hand if you need help!

VentusAR App and hardware

You choose your device – either an Apple iPad Pro 10.5 or the iPad Pro 12.

The VentusAR app is supplied already installed and configured on your chosen tablet. Updates are easily downloadable from the relevant app stores.


Portal Access

VentusAR projects are user-configurable using VentusAR online Portal. Project sites, models and viewpoint locations (with GIS import) and overlays may all be easily and efficiently managed within the secure web administration interface.

User-supplied detailed terrain data and project overlays, such as ZTVs, can also be uploaded to the VentusAR Portal for hosting and delivery.

Hosted SLA’s provide a greater than 99.9% uptime target.


Field Kit (optional)

An optional component of VentusAR is the field kit. This consists of all the useful equipment needed to securely mount and protect the device in the field.

We offer two options of Field kit: the Lite Field Kit (handheld) and the Pro Field Kit (Tripod mount) 

The Lite Field kit includes a toughened, waterproof and dust proof case, a hand hold for the back of the tablet, and a marine sighting compass to provide accurate compass readings. This kit is good if you don’t want to take a tripod onsite.


The Pro Field kit includes the toughened, waterproof and dust proof case, the hand hold for the back of the tablet, marine sighting compass, tripod mountings for your tablet, a sturdy but lightweight tripod and a fine tipped stylus to allow detailed graphics works and tracing. This field kit can be used during public exhibitions and as a stable platform for use in the field.


Support Services

VentusAR licenses include access to the support desk for issue logging, monitoring and resolution management.


Training and Documentation

Quick-Start documentation and walk-through guides are provided.