On-demand Services

VentusAR empowers professionals engaged in onshore wind, solar and transmission line development.

This easy to use mobile application puts powerful visualisation and modelling functionality into the hands of an increasingly mobile workforce. Establishing site feasibility, preferential layouts and optimum site locations can be undertaken real-time while in the field, increasing efficiency and providing a more engaging experience.

VentusAR benefits all parties engaged in developments:

Developers & Landowners: establish feasibility of developments and preferential layouts while your experienced teams are in the field.

Renewables Consultants: leverage your experience with a portable tool to capture accurate visualisations, using a larger number of viewpoints and with an improved ability to handle impaired line of sight.

Custodians and Communities: independent assessment of proposed plans enabling open engagement with developers, including visualisation of cumulative impact.



VentusAR provides a portable VIA toolset, enabling experienced consultants to work with powerful and accurate visualisation technology while they are out on-site. Our live augmented views make in-field visits and viewpoint assessment more efficient and productive. Multiple, accurate and cost-efficient visualisations can be created to provide more representative and accurate designs and reduce the number of required site re-visits.

Our tablet-based solution integrates location, terrain, 3D models and sensors to create a live interaction of wire-lines and turbine models. VentusAR is particularly useful in assessing the visual impact of proposed layouts from heritage sites. The on-the-fly generation of local wireframes means that views of turbines can be instantly and accurately assessed at culturally sensitive viewpoints, even when line of sight is obscured. Using the VentusAR ‘My View’ virtual viewpoint capabilities, any location can be assessed in advance and saved for field validation.



VentusAR will increase the productivity and effectiveness of assessment teams by giving them a powerful, mobile visualisation tool. Site feasibility can be examined in real-time, with alternative layouts set-up and visualised while the experts are in the field. Preliminary qualification can then be re-used throughout the project lifecycle, reducing learning curves and lowering overall costs. The integration of 3D turbine models with the tablet camera and a dynamic wireframe means that local residents can be engaged with realistic and accurate visualisations they can ‘touch’ and understand. The cloud-based data servers behind VentusAR contain terrain and Ordnance Survey data for the whole of Great Britain. Licensed users of VentusAR can download and preview any site in real-time, while they are at the proposed location, all without recourse to GIS software or skills. Alternative layouts can be compared and shared, either by email or as previews published to the VentusAR cloud. Cumulative impact can also be searched and downloaded from UK-wide data to allow efficient assessment early in the development lifecycle.

Custodians and Communities


VentusAR provides a dynamic, unrestricted and independent view of wind farm developments. This tablet based application provides interactive validation and increases engagement with the developer. VentusAR creates accurate visualisations of wind-farms from user defined viewpoints and can be used in the field, in the office and at public consultation. VentusAR overcomes the limitations of viewing static paper-based visualisations, often in harsh conditions or from difficult to access locations. With VentusAR, both the local impact of individual projects and the big picture impact of the cumulative affect of multiple projects can be assed using the same application. National Parks, landscape custodians, regional development agencies, environmental agencies, local authorities and communities can all have a consistent view from the same dataset VentusAR allows visualisation to be accessed, owned and shared without restriction to increase awareness, trust and involvement across all interested parties.