The best way to understand VentusAR is to see it working. We’ve recorded a few videos of how we use VentusAR to help explain it.

Video List

Introducing VentusAR

VentusAR is the tablet application to answer the question

“What would a wind farm look like in the landscape?”

Watch to discover what VentusAR is, how you can create visualisations from any locations and who current users are.


Assessing Cumulative Impact with New Services

Introducing the UK’s first on-line service to search and report on the cumulative visual impact of onshore wind turbines.

This new data service can cut the time taken for assessments from ‘weeks to minutes’, slashing costs for wind farm developers, local communities and public bodies involved in assessing planning submissions.

Watch to discover how Cumulative data can be instantaneously incorporated into the VentusAR 3D visualisations, or integrated with previously captured photography, to validate the overall impression of change in the landscape or from residential properties.

VentusAR Modes

VentusAR has three modes to help understand what a wind farm will look like; Fly Through is a contextual overview of an area, My View shows the view from a particular location and the gallery can be used to review the scene from previously visited viewpoints.

Watch to discover how these modes work and see the visualisations that can be produced with VentusAR.

Harburnhead windfarm

VentusAR was used to produce videomontages for harburnhead windfarm in West Lothian. These video montages consist of a staic photo as a background with animated turbines shown at the correct size and location on top.

Watch to see the quality and accuracy of video montages produced with VentusAR.

Filmed Jan 2016.

Augmented Reality with Monogame from the Xamarin Blog

At the Xamarin Evolve developer conference in October, our technical director George Banfill will interviewed about what how we use Augmented Reality with VentusAR to visualize what wind turbines will look like before they are built. This is a technical interview full of details of how we use MonoGame and Xamarin technology to create a unique app experience.

“VentusAR opened my eyes about the possibility of using game technology to solve real-world business problems, creating one of the most unique app experiences I’ve ever seen.”

See the full article on the Xamarin blog

Craigengelt Hill Extension

Shows the effects of a mocked 2 turbine extension to Craigengelt Hill wind farm. The existing 8 turbines are shown on the right while the 2 turbine extension is shown on the left.

This is an example for the purposes of demonstration only. It no way represents any planned wind farm development.